small world cultural arts collective

participatory youth arts

for individual & community development in Keighley

small world is about community action if you want to change the world, start on your own doorstep through creativity comes awareness, awareness bring change  

responsibility to make the community you live in a better place to be


About Small World

Small World was set up in May ’99 by local volunteers to provide grass roots, participatory arts in Keighley.  Working primarily with young people, using arts to allow individuals to develop and communities to come together through celebration, creative ability & opportunity.  Over the last 15 years Small World has worked on a variety of broad range projects with young people from all over Keighley, concentrating on the urban disadvantaged areas, as a means of engaging young people at risk.  A lot of work is on-going and as more young people are allowed access to arts, more interest develops and new projects are being planned.

We currently run 6 sessions a week; two creative homework and education support sessions (Tune Up and Chill Out), a drop-in arts session, 2 sessions of Baby Music and ‘Breathing Space’ – a session aimed at a slightly older age group offering an antidote to school monitoring and testing. One of our main strengths is consistency of service, in that young people who may come to us as a child often continue to have involvement into adulthood. This is shown in our Baby Music where were have a number of mums who were former participants of Small World activities who have continued involvement with us when they go onto have their own children.

We are based at 1 Luton Street, Keighley just down from the musicians centre, click here to find out what’s on.