small world cultural arts collective

Small World is now at Keighley Arts Hub on Low Street

We are opening the sessions on 16th of April to our existing group as we sort out the space and resources. We will be looking at new activities as we settle in and develop the space, including a peoples gallery and reading/lending/reference library areas.

For enquiries please call Sam on 07834 181491

About Small World – participatory youth arts for individual and community development in the area

Small World was set up in Keighley in 1999. We began as a way to provide young people with choices, opportunities and support and use creativity as the tool with which to do that. From diversionary arts activities to helping navigate the education, employment and housing pathways; to social and emotional support, we have been here for young people in the town throughout the past 22 years. We are now working with a new generation, and have provided consistency and access over what has been many changes of priority and funding in the area. Please see our annual report page here